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Monday, June 3, 2013

Poll: LeBron James Probably Athletic Enough to Play Ultimate.

As the country turns its collective sports gaze toward South Beach tonight for Game 7 of the Heat-Pacers series, a debate rages across Ultimate Nation: would LeBron James be any good at ultimate? The consensus: probably.

According to an UltiWhirled poll, 69 percent of ultimate players believe that the 6'8", 250 lb. Miami Heat forward would be an "Elite Level" player in the club ultimate scene if he were to switch sports today (a la Michael Jordan's baseball experiment). 

28 percent of respondents, however, answered "Fuck the Heat," while 3 percent asked "What's the NBA?" 

Among skeptics of the 4-time NBA MVP's chances of flatball success, several reasons were commonly cited. James was often deemed "too tall" (18% of total respondents), "too fast" (19%), "not clutch enough" (23%), or "fuck the Heat" (28%). 

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  1. He better dump it, though, or we'll bench him