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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Middlebury Pranksters Pull off Best Prank: Not Actually a D-III School

D-III Nationals has been rocked by yet another scandal this week, as it has come to light that the Middlebury Pranksters, open division champions, are not actually a D-III team. 

Apparently, Middlebury College is actually a large school of over 17,000 students in western Vermont.  The Pranksters simply registered as D-III, and no one at USAU called them on it. 

“We’re so stoked, but it’s also really funny,” said captain Jeff Hetzel.  “I mean, we never actually thought we’d get away with it.  All we did was go in and edit the school’s Wikipedia page to say we only had, like, twenty-five hundred students, and USAU let us play!”

Hetzel maintained that he was proud of his team’s performance this weekend, not only for winning the tournament and maintaining a lighthearted true-Prankster attitude, but for keeping the prank under wraps until the moment of the big reveal. 

“The thing about pulling off a prank like this is that it’s always about making sure you get through the whole thing before anyone cracks up,” said Hetzel.  “You just want to tell people so badly, but if one person lets on too early, you’re totally hosed.  I’m really proud of our guys for sticking to the story the whole way. “ 

A representative from USAU confirmed via email that the national governing body for ultimate in the United States had indeed been “thoroughly Punk’d.” 

Even Middlebury’s opponents had to agree that the entire prank was fairly hilarious. 

“Sometimes you just have to tip your cap to the other guy,” said Spencer Sheridan, captain of second-place finishers Puget Sound, with a laugh.  “They got us pretty good.” 

It is unclear whether any disciplinary action will be taken, but Hetzel maintains that, regardless of punishment, the prank was “definitely still worth it.”  

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