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Monday, May 27, 2013

UCF Calls "Mulligan." Finals vs. Pitt to be Replayed Tuesday.

In a surprising and unusual move, the UCF Dogs of War have called a mulligan on the finals today, erasing their devastating 15-8 loss to Pitt’s En Sabbah Nur in the championship game.  The finals will be replayed at the same time tomorrow afternoon, when Pitt will attempt a second defense of its first title. 

Apparently, during the pre-game disc flip, Pittsburgh captain Isaac Saul actually agreed to allow UCF a mulligan, if needed.  That decision is coming back to haunt him now.  

“Well, obviously, at the time I thought he was joking,” insisted an embarrassed Saul after the game.  “It was a really weird thing to ask for, so I just said ‘sure.’  I didn’t think they’d actually do it.” 

USAU officials briefly conferenced before upholding the mulligan call. 

“Whether a joke was intended or not is, at this point, impossible to say,” said National Open College Director Jeff Kula to reporters this evening. 

“Nevertheless, the presence of captains and the Tournament Director made the so-called mulligan agreement a legally binding use of the Captain’s Clause in the 11th Edition rules.  The Clause allows team captains broad powers to modify the rules as they see fit, and nothing prevents such an agreement from including a do-over.”

When asked about potential fan-backlash, Kula reflected:

“I don’t think it will be much of a concern.  If they’re ultimate fans, they’re already used to watching do-overs on a regular basis.”  

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